Thursday, January 14, 2010

Picavet suspension rig

In 1912 Pierre Picavet invented a suspension system for Kite Aerial photography that is still used today and is known as a Picavet suspension rig. At first it seems complicated but it's actually really easy, just check out
for a detailed explanation of how to make it. I will admit however that the most difficult part is the creativity required in finding suitable material to make the cross itself.

The Picavet rig will allow the camera to remain level and it greatly reduces the amount of shaking and vibration that the camera experiences, thus your pictures are less likely to be blurry. Not that you won't have a few blurry pictures, but you won't have pictures so blurry that they are unrecognizable like most of the ones I had before using a Picavet rig.

On my first rig I used about ten feet (3 meters) of 5/32" (3.97mm) thick line. But I found that 60% of my photos were still coming out blurry. So then I switched to 50 feet (15 meters) of #18 twisted twine. However the first thing I found is that no matter how careful I am its all in a big knot by the time I arrive at my destination. To resolve this I had to learn how to tie a daisy chain in the picavet line. A good place to learn how to tie the daisy chain is on Youtube.

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JetCityOrange said...

I made a simple DIY homebrew picavet to send my camera aloft using helium balloons.

It worked great. Next time, more balloons!