Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kite aerial photography shot of the day 01

Boaters Returning Home.
In this photo, the lens cover jammed on my point and shoot causing the black triangle in the lower left corner. 
So I got 100 pictures like that.  Now when I use this camera I always look at the lense before launch to verify that it opened fully.  if not I just tap it with my finger and it snaps open.  For this image I had to get my kite really high before it could grab enough wind to lift the camera.  I was using a power sled but I no longer use that kite.  I now prefer the 9-ft. Levitation Delta .  it grabs the wind with out much effort and is much more stable than my other kite.  Plus the fact that it can lift my heavier rig.

Have you ever launched your camera, taken 100 or so pictures, brought the camera back down and only then discovered there was a problem?  share your story in a comment.

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