Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aerial Photography Melbourne Fl

Brevard County Fl Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Melbourne FL
Hi, my name is Gary, and I perform aerial photography in Brevard County, Fl. I’m located in Melbourne, Fl.

If you are working on a fundraiser, environmental awareness project or other event being planned for a good cause and would like to have aerial photography performed at your event, I would be very interested in hearing from you.

Aerial photography, free of charge!

The aerial photography that I perform around Brevard County's Space Coast is done absolutely free of charge and is merely my personal hobby. The reason my service is free for “good causes” is that it gives me the freedom to accept or decline events and to contribute my time only to those events that I’m interested in. Furthermore, the aerial photography that I do is often hit and miss because I can’t actually see what my camera is taking pictures of until I bring the camera down from its flight. However, during each flight I’m able to get the camera pointed in basically the right direction and then snap hundreds of pictures. I’ve found that by taking 300 to 400 photos, I can typically get about a dozen images that are outstanding.

For commercial purposes, if you are interested in aerial photography for projects such as photographing construction work, a building grand opening, photographing a property, acreage or other commercial purpose, I will occasionally consider doing paid aerial photography so that I can purchase new and better equipment. For such events I charge $250 per project. (Bear in mind, however, that I cannot exceed an altitude of 500 feet and am completely at the mercy of the wind. If you are facing a deadline and there’s little or no wind in the forecast, I probably will not be able to meet your deadline).

To contact me please use the following email address:
garyhowell_2002 (at) yahoo dot com

The above email address must be rewritten in the proper email format to be functional. It’s presented here “out of format” to prevent spam.

Thanks, and I'll see you at your next event.

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