Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to trigger the shutter button from the ground

The first question most often asked about KAP is, "How do you get the camera to take the pictures?" There are several ways. The first method I used was to modify the circuitry of the camera by installing a 555 timer. This allowed the camera to take photos automatically every few seconds. I purchased an inexpensive, used digital camera on the internet. I then disassembled the camera’s case, and removed the shutter button, replacing it with a 555 timer circuit. Once powered on the camera begins taking photos every 8 seconds and continues to do so until the memory card is full, or the power is turned off again. This method is only recommended for those who understand electronics and know how to solder. If using this method I recommend the astable schematic found on the 555 timer page of Wikipedia. Words of warning; if you use this method don’t try to modify your good camera, instead purchase a cheap used camera from a site such as EBay.
A second method, which I now use, is remote control. I purchased the BBKK from and am using it with my 10mega pixel Kodak camera. This was a vast improvement over the first method because the remote control allows me to change where the camera is pointing while it’s in the air allowing for a much greater diversity of photos once the camera is brought back down.

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