Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kite aerial photography - how to prevent line twist

Your kite's line can become severely twisted over the course of several flights.  I came up with a simple way to alleviate a lot of the line twist from my kite line by adding a simple piece of fishing equipment, a Ball Bearing Swivel.

For kite aerial photography I use a swivel with 200-lb. Test Strength so that there's no way that it could brake or bend. As the kite flies, the swivel turns to undo any twisting that may be in the line.

However you'll find that twisting can occur between yourself and the anchoring point of your rig. This twisting occurs when you allow your line to come off your spool one way, but you wind it back on a different way. For example if you allow your line to spin off your spool, the way toilet paper spins off a roll, but you then wind it back on to the spool by wrapping it, hand over fist, from the side of the spool, each wrap will put one twist in the line.

This is not to say your doing something wrong. It would take me a very long time to bring my kite down if I choose to roll the line back onto the spool. But to remove the twisting that I add to the line between myself and the anchor point of my KAP rig, I'll bring the rig down and remove it from the line then I will occasionally, every third or fourth flight, send my kite back up to nearly the full length of the line on my spool. I'll let it fly without the rig attached. The swivel will remove nearly all the twist in the line. Winding it back down will again put a little twist in the line, but the swivel will remove that twist also on my next flight.

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