Monday, October 10, 2011

Kite aerial photography shot of the day 04

Your host, KAPing the Indialantic boardwalk.  After viewing this photo I regretted having worn white.  I think the shirt is to bright for the photo.  I should have worn some other color.


Rob said...

A little photoshop work can tone down the bright white.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have browsed through your site. I am anxious in taking my photography to the next level...literally. It appears there is an expense, so I shall go about this slowly. First is the kite - I'm thinking about a flowform. Anyway, this is quite interesting and the research is fun.

Space Coast KAPer said...

Hey Rob, thanks for checking out my site. yes there are some expenses but they just pay for convenience. You can get a key chain carabiner, and loop your camera's wrist strap to it, then set the camera's count down timer for 10 seconds, release the camera and let the kite take out as much line as quickly as possible and you've got KAP. Of course you can only take one photo, but it's a start. My first rig was made out of sheet aluminum from the hardware store.